The difficulties that a Chinese write his blog in English

In China, many bloggers write their blog in English.  The most famous person is Wangjianshuo who post his English blog nearly everyday.  However, there are many difficulties when a Chinese write in English.

Language–my English is poor!!!

Maybe most people will agree with me that this is the first difficulty.  We were born in China and Chinese is our native language.  Although we began to study English when we are young, our English levels are yet poor or not very native.  When we want to write blog in English, we need frequently reference classical sentences in dictionaries or from web resources.

Which content should be written in English

It is hard to select appropriate contents to write in English.  Things or cultures out of China?  This is a bad idea because most Chinese have no experiences abroad.  Things found in China?  But which the foreign readers will be attracted?  We have no ideas.  A better way maybe introduce China’s sceneries, cultures, or cities to help foreigners traveling in China, such as those that Wangjianshuo has done.

No reader visits your blog

In a country that most people write and speak in Chinese, an English blog will attract little visitors.  Moreover, many foreigners will also not visit your English blog because they cannot understand your poor presentation.

So, a Chinese man write his blog in English need extra confidence and perseverance to go ahead.